Tuesday, April 7

A moment in spring

I've been sitting here at home since Saturday reading and reading and doing some writing too and I can't help notice what's going on around me. I sit in the living room and do my work on the dining table and I have a splendid view of the street and the little garden I have in front of me. Since Spring is here and it's Easter break it is amazing to see how many people pass by this street. There is indeed a short cut going to the Castle so I also see lots of children who are probably on their holiday. I also hear all kinds of things, little machines in the garden and lots of birds looking probably for a mate. People talking on their way to the supermarket, people looking at my garden. I open the door and the window and the loveliest scent flood the house, everywhere you see flowers blooming , trees blossoming. The sun is up, what a wonderful weather! What more can I ask, so as I sit here and start to panic that I should instead of writing this post go back to my work - hah! I am taking a moment here to enjoy what is in front of me, not the textbooks or the readings but the lovely day! Here's the view from where I am sitting.


Kayni said...

oh yes, spring is such a lovely time. i usually leave my windows open and air out my apartment too. it makes me remember our house in the Philippines - open windows and open doors.

Gattina said...

Everybody needs a break ! otherwise you get stuck ! What castle are you talking about ???
I too can hear people talking when my window is open ! mostly to Arthur who always decorates the little wall besides our garage, lol !

Believe it or not but the word verification is : FAULES !!!
Hahahaha !

Toni said...

Gattina - FAULES!!! hahahaha --bestimmt!!! richtig! :) that is really funny :) lol :D
oh the Bad Homburg Castle (the first ever place in Germany to have a WC :)

Kayni - indeed, spring reminds me of my hometown Baguio, my husband calls it the "forever spring" climate :)

Anonymous said...

I love your door and windows. It's nice to have a lot of sun shine in:)

Vlado&Toni said...

Hi Joanne - nice to see you here, will be dropping by your blog ;)