Thursday, April 9

See how the garden grows

The V. and I have done a few work in our garden and one of them was to trim and prune the roses. Well we really didn't have any idea about it. So I asked the kind neighbor in front who I thought was an enthusiastic gardener. Well it turned out she doesn't like roses but since she's really a lovely lady, she brought us a book about roses :), then The V. researched in the internet and there we go, cutting the the branches. The V. suffered lots of injuries because those thorns are really dangerous. In the end we pulled out some of the roses too- too much thorns. Well I think we've done a good job because they are growing again (whew!!)

I planted some of the bulbs last year and here they are --lovely daffodils. I wasn't too lucky with the hyacinths .. not much grew :( and I am waiting for the tulips - well if they survived The V's giant feet :) while pulling out all those unwanted rose bushes!
The forsythie is lovely and blossoming without me having to do anything with it. Such a lovely sight, this time of the year!
And here are the red currants and raspberries which I am not sure if I did the right job of cutting and pruning. I have a feeling I cut too much branches that the raspberries are now so looking healthy :( (bottom picture) The red currants seem to be healthy though. Well let's see how it goes with the harvest this summer which of course will be documented. :)


Gattina said...

You did a very nice job in your garden ! I planted flowers 25 years ago, now we only have bushes around, grass in the middle and 3 big flower pots on the terrace. That's all easy to entertain ! In the pots I plant petunias. So we only have to mow the grass and have some guy for trimming the bushes once a year in October or so.

Kayni said...

i wish i had a backyard to do some real gardening. i'm so limited with just doing potted plants for my balcony. nice garden. tulips are blooming here. i hope yours will too.

RennyBA said...

You are such good gardeners - even if it hurts sometimes :-)

Your garden looks great and really shows spring is in the air.

When we was in Sweden this week, we saw the same spring flowers. When we came home to Oslo, Norway, we still have snow in the garden, but soon it'll goo.

Happy Easter :-)

Btw: My first post from Brussels is up.

kg said...

naku! i don't have even a drop of green thumd. when i was in college and there was a flower fair, i bought the flower that was easiest to take care of, the one you don't have to do much for it to live. it died days later...sigh!

Toni said...

Gattina - i had petunias once but the insects kept getting to them so they might be pretty but i don't want to have them anymore

kayni - well i used to plant in my balcony too, i even grew sweet peas, kangkong (not sure if you are familiar with that) and peppers too :) which is weird, because i don't have them now in my little garden. no more space because i have some berries

renny - yup i checked your last post.. nice easter egg hunting :) very outdoor and quite a hunt

kg - hahaha .. sorry about the flower that died, but you are not too bad, my colleague bought a flower and she was watering it really well till she noticed it was actually plastic :)