Monday, May 18

Sunday in the vineyard

The V. and I went last Sunday to Bodenheim, one of the regions around Rhine where they grow wine. It's up in the mountains and you can take a walk along the vines and have a lovely meal too.
Nope we didn't drink all these bottles .. I just thought it would make a nice picture.
The grapes still growing, I didn't know they are this tiny...
The V. striking a pose for me :D
This is the sauvignon blanc grape one of the numerous varieties they grow here...
The V. and I didn't manage to go up that hill but the walk was worth it..


Kayni said...

so beautiful =)...i like how you're smiling on the last photo. have you been drinking? just kidding.

Layrayski said...

very beautiful scenery. I can almost imagine a camera crew from the lifestyle channel working in the background =)

Gattina said...

I miss your and the V's red nose !!

Anonymous said...

Though you're another continent away, I can't help but look at your pictures and think it's the same landscape I see when I go to the Napa Valley.

That's a lovely outing for you and the V.

kg said...

beautiful! this post reminds me of a movie a walk in the clouds. diba the family of the girl owned a vineyard? he! he! did you get to taste some wine? :)

Toni said...

Thanks for the visit.

Kayni - yup have been drinking :D

Layrayski - yup it is really beautiful up there and the colours are amazing. I plan to go again during autumn or as soon as the stock of wine runs out :D

Gattina - nope no red noses this time :D

Joanne - yup probably the same setting ..

kg - we were thinking of the same thing - I told The V the story of the movie while we were walking