Sunday, May 10

Kitchen stories

If you remember I've mentioned that The V. and I decided to be more adventurous in the kitchen and use the cookbooks we have at home to perk up our dinners/lunches/desserts.. We thought we could at least make it once a week but that prove to be so ambitious. Nevertheless, we did anyway make some progress and came up with yummy, new recipes.

So here are a few pictures of this project.

I have a lot of rhubarb growing in my garden and I really didn't know what to do with them so I decided to make some jams - rhubarb with ginger. If you like ginger this is indeed a winner!

Very simple potato gratin (just thinly sliced potatoes, red bell peppers and sliced cheese on top!)

I thought I should be a bit ambitious and made my first ever quiche from scratch, including the dough - filling is just spinach, leeks, cheese and egg. Very yummy, it was a winner. not bad for starters-

When I was sick I was craving for some filipino food - The V thought he could make something for me and decided to cook Tinola The V way.. I told him he should have put more water in it because it should actually be soup but he followed the recipe and this is how it looked like. It was yummy though and probably help me to get better soon :DSo that's it for now..
If you need any of the recipe, just email me :D


jasperjugan said...


imom said...

Yummmmy! Ang galing mo - mana kay mommy :) And thumbs up to V too for his effort. Such as sweet gesture.
Have you gotten your creams from raquel? I emailed you about it, i wonder if you got the email.

Kayni said...

is that okra on the tinola? hmm..i was just wondering how that tasted. now i'm craving tinola again =).

Toni said...

hi kayni - yup that was okra in tinola :D The V. thought it would be ok to put that in ..

chats - yup i got them, thanks a million .. i thought i emailed you about it already.. hmmm wonder where's that email?

jasper - nice having you here. come again some time ..

kg said...

these pics make me hungry, especially the potatoes. looks sooooo yummie!

Gattina said...

Now I am hungry, lol ! How nice cooking together (40 years later you prefer going to the restaurant, lol )

Anonymous said...

I love rhubarb in a pie, specifically strawberry and rhubarb together.

Also, that tinola looks good:)

raqgold said...

yum! i love rhubard cakes, too! penge recipe nung pie :)

toni said...

I've never tried rhubarb! How does it taste? :)

Layrayski said...

my mouth is watering looking at these photos. drool.