Thursday, June 4

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to The V. ... We wouldn't be celebrating tonight because I will be away for a 3 day training but hopefully we can celebrate next weekend... busy...busy ... busy.... I would even miss The V's first summer party at his new job..

Here's a bit of trivia about the birthday boy so you could get to know him more

  • The V. loves The Simpsons, he watches it everyday and doesn't mind even if he has seen that episode for the 100th time! (no exaggeration)
  • The V. loves pizza but lately he has been ignoring it for his new found love - indian food!
  • The V. is a day person and loves waking up early while I am a night person and love to really sleep in the mornings (opposites do attract!)
  • The V. is a wonderful husband despite his mood swings :D. They say people born under the zodiac sign of gemini has 2 personalities, like a twin - yang and yin, evil and good, bad and good mood.

Well that's it for now... wish you all a happy weekend!


Gattina said...

Happy birthday to the Geburtstagskind ! I am back from Morocco and have the blues !

Layrayski said...

Happy birthday to The V! =)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!

I love the Simpsons too. Xav doesn't get the humor but I do. Our splurge on Friday nights is take out from a great Indian restaurant close to our place.

Speaking of, it's Indian food tonight. Yey!!!

kg said...

happy birthday to V! may he be blessed with more happy and healthy years!

Vlado&Toni said...

Thanks for the wishes, we still have to do a belated celebration for The V. maybe go to a nice restaurant this weekend and have a late summer party with friends...

Our Love Story said...

oh, happy birthday to you the V!!! nice to know that we're both gemi'nice'! hehehe... had my b-day last jun 16! take care and wish you good health and wonderful life with toni!!!

take care!