Thursday, June 11

Just saying hello

Just want to say a brief hello to all my friends and family out there. Still very busy this part of the world but soon things will slow down a bit. School would end next week but that doesn't mean that it's the summer holidays for me.. we would be very busy with the set-up of our new classroom and then there's summer school for some kids which would really be fun :D No letters or numbers just actitivities and craft time ...more so like what I used to do in the german kindergartens :D Then finally it's the summer holidays - whew!

At the same time I am still busy with my studies, it's taking much time and stress than I thought it would be - whew again! This Monday I need to submit a 200o word essay which I haven't started yet. Well at least I have done half of the reading - I feel like a student cramming again - things haven't really change :( So parents out there teach your kids to study ahead of time!!!

Today The V. and I are babysitting our 4 year old god child :D It would be our first time to spend the whole day with him with overnight so it would really be an exciting time. His sister who is 8 years old would also be there. Will tell you how it goes..

So that's all for now, just wanted to say hello.


Kayni said...

good to hear from you. i hope you'll get the studying and writing out of the way soon. summer awaits.

Gattina said...

We are going to the Garda Lake next friday (19th) I will wave when we pass by Frankfurt, lol !
Next week I will babysit a little 4 year old girl from 4 to 6 pm for 4 days. It's the granddaughter of my best friend who passed away in February. Very cute and nice little girl !

Toni said...

hello Kayni - thanks for the goodluck wishes.i really do need it.. summer is really waiting for me and not for a long time .. soon it will be gone and over..

Gattina - oh yes, that's the sweet and smart little girl who knew the way exactly.. i'm sure you will have a some nice stories again.. she's lucky to be your neighbor

kg said...

wow! busy! good luck in your classes again! :)

Our Love Story said...

hiyee!!! i missed you a lot!!! finally... i had the cahnce to visit you!!! thanks a lot for visiting me in my site!!!

goodluck... hope u enjoy the kids... i also enjoy my brother's baby hehe! it's really different when you have a baby in the house... makes us all feel young! : )

take care and regards to the V! Godbless

Toni said...

@kg - yup sometimes things do really get busy...

@jenny - hope all is well at your corner