Monday, June 29

Blogging and Facebook

Yup, one of the things I neglect these past few days is this blog. I do still go online but more often than not just to check facebook and not blog :( Well facebook it seems is also time consuming -almost like blog hopping. You see what's happening with other peoples lives-- so and so is having a good day, bought a new car, went to have dinner with friends, is running a marathon, is bored and so on- you find people you haven't seen for ages (literally - some people met friends they haven't been in touch with for the last 30 years!). Aside from that, you get to see pictures of friends on their holidays, walks, dinners and also beautiful pictures from their friends. Aahhh - before you know it that 5 minute check of messages turned to an hour or more. If you're lucky you might even see friends online living in some part of the globe and have an online chat with them - that's really one of the perks of facebook.

But still I miss blogging - I miss my blogger friends who I got to know online through blog hopping and spontanous click in the blogosphere. You might find old friends in facebook, but you sure meet a lot of new friends in the blogging world. Now what happens if you don't update your blog too often? I don't know maybe they start to forget you? I hope not.. but maybe they lose interest in your life or also become a bit disappointed if they click at your page and there is no entry out there. I always get excited if I see a blogger friend has a new post. I wonder why they are not posting anymore and I hope they are all doing well but just busy. I am one of those who also gets a bit disappointed if I click on a friend's blog and there is no new post for the lastfew days, weeks, months (yup just like this blog).

I hope that soon I will blog more again - have more interesting posts than blahblahblah..

Facebook or blogging ? There really is not a competition - each has its own purpose and benefits.


Gattina said...

I don't like facebook at all, I slipped into that because of my son. Now I get messages from people I don't even remember. I just ignore. I never use it either. I prefer my good old blogs. Tomorrow we leave Italy and will spend the night near W├╝rzburg and then home to Brussels. It's about time. I know the lake by heart !

Kayni said...

i can't hang around at facebook anymore. i just go in there, check my inbox and that's it. i, too, have been slowing on the blogging side. i hope i'll get my spark soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Toni,
That goes for me too. I've haven't blogged for a month now. I get in moods and lately I haven't been. Maybe I think the stuff that happens is too mundane to post or more likely I'm just in a lazy mood.

I'm actually on the fence of creating a facebook profile. Should I do it, should I not. My husband has one and I log on more than he does (so I could spy on my former classmates:)

Also, I've changed my url to Thanks.

lilaybulilay said...

hi toni! same here, been spending a lot of time (free time w/o my makulit lara) on facebook getting addicted na naman =(

Toni said...

Gattina - you are so lucky being able to go on trips this time of the year before everyone because it is not yet too crowded...yup you are a true blue blogger

Kayni - good for you not getting into facebook so much, you lose too much time there...

Joanne - well Facebook has its advantages too so why not? i think there is always something to write but it's just the lazy mood :o) i am very guilty of that

Lilay - hello, so you are also guilty :) welcome to the club, you should do some more blogging about your angel, imagine her growth would be documented online :)