Monday, June 22

Just checking in

Hello once again, just wanted to say hello ..I am actually officially in my summer break, school ended last Friday. Unfortunately there are a lot of things to do in our school with the set up of a new toddler group so it's almost normal work for me. I do start at 9 am instead of the usual 8 a.m. so that's fair enough.
The V. is well and we are at least looking forward to some warm weather but summer hasn't arrived yet it seems. So far so good, nothing much for now.


Kayni said...

it is so hot out here now. i'm glad to hear that everything is going smooth there. take good care.

Toni said...

Hi Kayni- i am also glad that it's hot here too - finally !!! We deserve it and you especially, I remember all those snow in your posts :)