Thursday, July 9

Pretty in Pink

Ta ran! I got myself a present - let's call it the school-year end gift to me, myself and I. Look!
Yup, it's pink and very pretty :) All netbooks have the same or comparable configurations, the only difference is the colour, design and the battery. I narrowed down my option and thought about either getting a red acer aspire or a pink samsung nc10 .. was a hard decision it seems ..and in the end just can't resist the oink one :) I love the white keyboard too which unfortunately acer hasn't. Hopefully more blogging for me from now on :)


Gattina said...

Great ! I have an Acer Aspire in blue, there was no other color left when it came out last year ! I tell you I am sooooo happy with it, especially when I am on holidays. It worked perfectly in Egypt, in Morocco and now in Italy ! Everywhere. I just can't miss it anymore.

Kayni said...

that is one cute netbook, now i'm so jealous. i want a new laptop

Toni said...

Gattina - yes, i remember that post about the new netbook, i think that's one of the reasons too i thought about acer aspire.. yes i plan to bring it to london on my trip next month..

kayni - yes, it's so cute, it looks like a toy :) i hope it is durable enough :) they were selling an extra guarantee of 2 years(4 years total) but it costs €110, i thought that was too expensive and didn't get it..

kg said...

cute, it's soooo feminine!!!

baliktad tayo toni, kasi when I bought a netbook, i don't like white key board, kaya i bought the acer one. kasi kahit may color, black ang key board. :)

RennyBA said...

Looks like a beauty - hope it works like one too :-)

Congrats; I do understand why you're exciting!

lilaybulilay said...

lovett!!!!how are you?kengs i think is in manila na

Toni said...

kg - yup we both have the opposite reasons :O) at least the computer companies can cover both choices ..

renny - well so far so good :) will see how it goes..

lilay - so cute 'no? lools like a toy ..