Monday, July 13

Free day

Life is so weird...

I decided that today would be a free day for me.. Hurra! I deserve a break, I've just finished my last essay and I don't need to go to work and don't need to open my textbooks (just not today for my upcoming exams in 4 weeks). I thought I'd stay long in bed and then slowly do my things --well what do you know? Of course I woke up early..usual time when I go to work.. tried to sleep some more but it didn't really work..

I tried to go online to find people who would normally be online at this time whenever I go to work. Nobody's online! I tried calling my friends who I think might be home? Nobody's answering the phone!

So weird.. when I'm busy, that's the time there are so many things to do and so many friends to meet and so many other distractions.. Having a free day when you really have nothing especially planned isn't so exciting.. oh well ..I might just go out and look for a new pair of shoes;)

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