Monday, July 20

Summer Fiesta

Summer Fiesta Party was a hit! Before I went to bed, I looked at the weather forcast and it was rainy and cold, but when I woke up the sun was smiling at me. Later through the day, gusts of wind were coming and heavy dark clouds were all over me. The V. started hanging some balloons and decoration and the wind was howling and taking the deco away! My goodness - this is supposed to be summer! Guests were calling me and sending messages via facebook to ask me what they could bring - I said nothing just pray for good weather please and bring your appetite of course.

Well what do you know the evening turned out well anyway. It stayed dry the whole time and guests even stayed outside despite our preparation for an inside party. I don't know how we could manage 40 people inside so thank God indeed for the dry weather.Guests started coming in at 5 and the last ones left at 11:00 p.m.

S., a dear friend who came to the rescue and help the V and I with the party prep. on Saturday. I asked (or should I say, slaved her into doing the tomatoes and the mozarella and cheese plus the decoration- such a great student :) What a great friend! We had so much fun that we started dreaming of opening our own catering business..
We have such an international group of friends so if you take at this picture, there are 6 people and 7 nationalities- Kenyan, Canadian-American, Korean, Ukrainian, Scotsman & German - amazing!
and here again .. German, Croatian, Bulgarian. We also have some children and teenagers but since I didn't ask the parents approval I opt not to post them. I'm always careful with posting pictures of children in this blog.

which one to take? that is the question
I basically made and cooked almost all the food except for the dessert and 3 dishes. Instead of cooking for 35-40 people I cooked for a whole batallion - ok more like for 60 people. Actually about 10-12 guests did not show up.. so the extra portions wouldn't have been too bad. Some guests took some food home, everyone was so happy and I was happy too. I've always thought I could cook this much.. my mom is an expert on parties so I proved myself right. Thanks mom for forcing me to help you in the kitchen when I was a child/teenager (now I'm saying that but not when I was young)

Next time The V and I will go back to the caterer again or do a potluck! I have about 12 dishes I think (albondigas in tomato sauce, shrimps with garlic and lemon, pasta, couscous. tomato mozarella, chicken wings, meatrolls, anti pasti, humus, cucumber with tuna, baked peppers, sushi from a friend - whew!) A friend asked me if having it catered would have been more expensive and I said actually no - it's the same - weird it seems because maybe of the variety of food..

Time for some coffee and tea.. my friend A. from Ethiopia

And I thought this was very beautiful ... i made it in both sides of the driveway but couldn't get a full picture.. so pretty... wish I could have them everynight..


Gattina said...

Wow ! what a buffet !!! I wished I could have come too ! Next time I invite myself, lol !
Bravo !
We too have always all kind of nationalities around. We alone already, husband Italian, I German, son a mixture and girlfriend dutch. Amongst our friends are Indians, Frenchs, Senegal, Spain, etc etc.

kg said...

wow! so many food! ang sarap naman toni! i can almost taste it! :)

glad to know that your summer party was a success!

Toni said...

Gattina - of course you are welcome to drop by.. isn't it nice to have such an international set of friends.. always colourful and exciting..

Kg - yes this is my first time attempt to host such a big group - i felt so grown up like my mom

Anonymous said...

Parang nasa United Nations:)

I would be so overwhelmed having to prepare and set-up for 40 guests. You did it so well. Everyone's having a grand time:)