Sunday, July 26

Party left overs

It is usual here in Germany and I'm sure in many nations and customs too to bring a hostess/host gift to any party/lunch/dinner/coffee and cake one is invited to. It is also it seems almost a custom to say the usual thing when one as a hostess/host gets the gift "oh you shouldn't have! it's not necessary but thank you so much"

Hostess gifts are usually flowers (or plants), a bottle of wine, or something edible mostly chocolates or special oils and vinegars or other special things you wouldn't normally buy yourself but love to give away. So on our summer fiesta even if we wrote everyone an email telling them they don't need to bring anything - guess what, of course they brought something. not necessary but of course thank you very much indeed! I love getting hostess gifts - it's always a pleasure to look into the little presents. Of course I try not to look so excited after all - they shouldn't have indeed brought the presents. I must have been younger then but back in the Philippines I don't remember my aunties, uncles, neighbors, friends and relatives to the 100th degree bringing something when they are invited for fiesta/dinner/lunch/coffee and cake. So have to update myself with that. Any changes fellow pinoys out there?

Assorted cookies and chocolates and a even a hot chocolate which really looks yummy!

Bottles of wine from red, white to sparkling.. I think I missed some bottles which are probably in the shelves already..
Again a bottle of wine, a shiraz from South Africa and a whisky for The V.
Specially packages chocolates from Interlaken, Switzerland ( i like the ribbon!)
Some flowers..
and some more ....
and a nice hostess gift from a friend - a scarf :)


Anonymous said...

I remember in the Philippines, baliktad yan: the hostess brings out the gifts (i.e. snacks) to the visitors:)

Maybe in Manila, where it's gotten more cosmopolitan, people will bring something for the host...

Toni said...

Joanne - yup and give the guests a take home bag pa after the party :) dito medyo shy sila mag take home, unless close kayo then di na sila hiya..:)