Sunday, August 9

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Today is my first week in London - I have another week and then it's home sweet home - at the moment I am in a hostel in Little Beirut :) (will try to post more about that next time)

I have been busy with my classes and haven't really had a lot of chance to go around town - though yesterday I was able to manage to walk around - actually I was looking for a post office but unfortunately it was already closed. Nevertheless I realise to take the time to walk around and later did I know this walk has turned out to be a little bit of sightseeing - unfortunately I did not have my camera with me just the mobile phone.


kg said...

oh my! what a lovely photo! so, so nice! makes me want to jump on the next plane to england! :)

hope you're having a blast toni! :)

Gattina said...

Take the time and walk around it's worthwhile or take a sightseeing bus, it shows you all. I leave this afternoon and arrive at 7.30 pm in Eastbourne at the English coast !
I will stay for a day in London on the 18, but there you are gone already I think, and time will be too short. Since they moved the Eurostar station to St. Pancreas, it's a disaster ! Before it was at Waterloo station, the city center ! now you have to take the tube to get into Oxford street etc.

Kayni said...

do walk around and take in the city as much as you can. i'm thinking of staying at a hostel next time. do tell about that hostel you're staying at.

Toni said...

kg - yup I also didn't realise that London is a good place to be .. this city is so alive :)

Gattina - yup unfortunately I would be back on the 18th .. working hard so hard .. back to work.. :(

Kayni - I wouldn't recommend this hostel, it's very shabby although maybe for the price I am paying at 37.50 pounds (it should be 45 and I got a discount because I am staying for 14 days) a day with breakfast and there's a fridge and a kitchen where you can heat your meal.. I will ask my schoolmate who's in a better hostel just in case..