Wednesday, August 5

Hello from London

Just a quick hello to all of you :) I am doing well, learning a lot of things and getting to know a lot of new people. There are 16 participants in my training and they all seem to be nice and friendly. Some live in UK and some come as far as Kenya and Mozambique.

The training is a bit tiring, finishing at 6 p.m. The college is just in one of the side streets of Oxford Street - very central and it is quite a shock to me to go out past 6 pm and see so many people! I have gotten used to the quiet life of Germany it seems..Frankfurt is idyllic compared to this!

So here's me - I found a fellow tourist like me to take my photo :) This is my first attempt to see something since I came here last Sunday.I I haven't done anything except walk around a bit. Today I got a bit adventurous and took the tube - very easy actually - I thought it would be complicated. I went to Piccadily Circus - and joined fellow tourists like me watch life go by in the busy streets of London. I was almost tempted to buy a ticket for a show - this is also the place for shows like Les Miserables, Lion King, Sister Act, Billy Elliot etc. etc.. but decided that it would be too sad to be all alone without The V.


Kayni said...

Oh so nice to be around London. I was thinking that I could have timed my visit there while you're there too, so that we could take photos of each No worries, I travel by myself a lot and there'll always be people willing to take your photos.

Toni said...

Yes Kayni we could have met in London :) would have been lovely! I am here for another week but I really haven't seen much because of my classes.. but now that I have seen it... will definitely come back.