Sunday, October 18

38 random things about me

In honor of my 38th birthday I thought I will make a post about it. Since I just turned 28 38, I decided to write about myself. Here goes - 38 things about me.

    1. Savoury vs sweets? Savoury - definitely.
    2. I worked in a cruise ship to see the world  and travelled from North to South America in 9 months.
    3. My favourite colour is yellow although I don't have yellow things.
    4. My best friend in high school was a boy - his girls hated me!
    5. I got so drank in college, I woke up the next day lying on our door mat.
    6. I made a list of 100 things I wanted to do when I was 28 years old ( 10 years ago!!!! ) and one of them is to live in a foreign country, breathe, cry and laugh in their language  und jetzt bin ich hier in Deutschland, atme und lache und weine und esse viele Würstchen und und ....(and now I am in Germany, breathing, laughing and crying and eating lots of sausages and and..)
    7. I have worked on a beautiful private island and walked along the beach before sleeping,  went for dives on my break and watched beautiful sunsets before going to the toilet.
    8. I wanted to go to Africa and teach underpriveleged children and nowI am teaching children of the richest people in our area.
    9. I am a very clumsy person, I almost never wear white!
    10. I can eat chicken everyday! 
    11. I go to  a bible study every other Sunday.
    12. I was a working student in college - supporting myself partly from my meager Mc Donald's salaries, a scholarship and my mom when she could.
    13. I started this blog  in February 2005.
    14. I love the scent of citrus.
    15. I eat the same flavour of ice cream wherever I go - peppermint!
    16. I love to cook and imagine how a dish would taste before I cook it then I figure out what to put in it.
    17. My fondest childhood memory is dipping my finger  in a big steel drum of molasses somewhere in the sugarcane fields of Pangasinan.
    18. I was sent to the principal's office only one time in my life - I stuck a pen upside down before my classmate sat on it.
    19. Back in high school, my stepfather asked me to light his cigarette for him and try it - it was horrible. Maybe that's why I don't and wouldn't smoke cigarettes.
    20. I love old music - 60,`s, 70's and 80's.
    21. I love cats.
    22. Spring is my favourite season because it reminds me so much of my hometown Baguio where it is forever spring except during typhoon season.
    23. I am working on my 3rd diploma and hope to finish it before I turn 40.
    24. I'm a great procrastinator.
    25. I failed  french because I was always late in class and Monsieur D. gave me a mark of failure due to absences before I could  have my finals. I was always late only because of no. 12.
    26. I sleep with my socks on.
    27. If there is a soundtrack to my life one of the songs in it should be You Gotta Be from Desree.
    28. I read endings of books before I start to read it.
    29. I'm a night person. I am most active in the evenings. 
    30. In relation to the above statement, I hate waking up early.
    31. There was a slight moment in my life that I wanted to get a tattoo but could not think of a design - I am so glad I did not do it.
    32.  I have a garden with raspberries, rhubarbs, strawberries, mint, sage and lots of thorny roses.
    33.  I don't like roses and orchids.
    34. When I was in grade 1, I danced on my own with Chic's Le Freak  in front of the whole school. What confidence! The teachers must have thought that was hilarious.
    35. My family thought I danced like a grasshopper, my teachers probably too.
    36. Dancer or singer - singer!
    37. My husband and I speak with each other in our  third language (mine: tagalog, english, german; his: bulgarian, russian, german)
    38. I think writing 38 random things was difficult. I think you should try it.


    Kayni said...

    great list...HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i will do this list on my coming birthday. i still can't believe time has flown so fast...take good care.

    Gattina said...

    Wow ! you worked on a cruise ship ? and you were on this beautiful island ! Wonderful ! but I also can understand that now you are into Würstchen and you settled down with your bulgarian husband speaking english (or german ??) lol !

    kg said...

    wow toni! happy 38th birthday! at least you're proud to shout your age! he! he!

    i had a good time reading your 38 things. funny things about you! wish i;d also have the opportunity to go around the world! :)

    i'd try wrting 38 random things, but i'm far from being 38! he! he!

    cheh said...

    Pareho tayo malapit ng tubuan ng pakpak sa kakain ng manok hehe

    T'was fun reading this post :)

    Happy week ahead toni! ingat!

    Vlado&Toni said...

    Kayni - yup time flies really .. the older you get, the faster time flies..

    Gattina - I love my würstchen!!! That's definitely one of the perks of living in Germany - the land of sausages..

    Kg - If you really want to you can see the world, especially with blogging I'm sure you have lots of friends all over, all you need is the ticket fare ;)

    Cheh - glad you liked reading the post, it was fun, was just a bit hard to think of random things.. funny when you need to write it down, thoughts don't come as natural as they should.

    lilaybulilay said...

    ilove the list!!!