Friday, October 23


The house smells of chocolate - I am baking chocolate cake from a box but I don't think it really tastes good - the smell is exhilirating though and if it's not worth eating at least I enjoyed its scent.

October is almost over and this weekend I am going to do my- hibernation from the world also known as essay writing. I've been living the last 8 years here in Germany and it dawned on me while I was talking to a friend of ours who we have known since I came here  that since they knew me - I have always been studying! The last 8 years ! When I met them I couldn't even speak German yet. I was studying German. After I have learned German and passed some profiency exams. I still  couldn't find work so I went to another course which could tell me what to do and do some practicum to find what I can do. These friends would listen to me now speaking in  German about my plans and options.  But yet I still went to school everyday!

After that this school advised me  do a career change and study again. So I went to find another school and started studying to be a kindergarten teacher -yes all in german! My friends would always think of me and wish me all the best for my exams. After passing my exams and doing all my practicum and some exams again - I've gotten a job and didn't see much of my friends. But we talk once in a while.

Yesterday we went to their house and they asked me the same questions just like from the very  beginning of my life here and  I realised that I am back to where we started years ago - I am studying again and it seems like forever! I am really not a studious person! My mom told me I am an intelligent girl then again what kind of mom would she be if she doesn't tell me that I am  not intelligent or beautiful ? Is it possible that the brain starts to lose its intelligence -  I mean is there still some left after studying so much. I find myself forgetting tiny glimpses and moments in my past life which is really sad - those brain nerves must have been taken over by conjugated german verbs and theories of childhood development.

Oh and I've finished this post and the chocolate cake is not so delicious so I put some american chocolate frosting which we all know is also not real chocolate ;) Gotta go now for some real freshly grounded brewed coffee with a not so chocolatey but very brown cake..


Kayni said...

i used to be very good at spelling, but these days, i seem to be so dependent on online i don't know if the brain loses intelligence, but probably just recycles the knowledge we've accumulated after years of studying.

Vlado&Toni said...

same here Kayni, i used to even compete for spelling bees back in elementary school..haha ;)

Gattina said...

That's terrible ! studying all the time and then you tell me that you are not a studious person ??
I never studied anything, I just jumped in. I had to learn french because I lived in Brussels, after I finished the German school when I was 18. I went to a school to became a commercial correspondent in French !! I didn't speak a word, but I pick up languages quite quickly. I doubled my first year, but then it went, without a lot of studies. When I finished that, I was immediatedly hired by an American company because I was German. there I learned english, without studying. I am a practical person and can't learn grammar or vocabulary. But you put me a week in a chinese household and I start to speak chinese, lol !
I think now you have reached a very nice job and you can think of yourself now. Life goes by so fast !