Friday, October 9


I have this urge need to listen to my favourite soundtracks the last few days. I've seen the movie 500 Days of Summer and I just love the music in it. It's a boy meets girl story, boy falls in love but girl doesn't, narrated from a boy's point of view which is kind of sweet and bittersweet. Then I borrowed the dvd from the library, Garden State, such a wonderful soundtrack too. It's another boy meets girl story. Beautiful.. So I started reviewing the best soundtracks ever. Dirty Dancing, I love Patrick Swayze's, She's like the Wind and of course The Time Of My Life; My Girl and Mermaids I love those old songs, 60's basically I think; Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona which is purely spanish guitar and spanish music - so romantic; My Bestfriend's Wedding; Amelie - basically instrumental with lots of accordion and piano, it's also one of my favourite of all favourite movies. Check it out or watch this trailer, it's in french though but you'll get the idea. Ok, that's all I could think now. Maybe you have some ideas of your own? Why not share it with me? I'm sure there are still so much out there.

The problem is I don't really have the cds to these movies so it's kind of hard to find them. I used to have this online radio station where I could put all the songs together but apparently Germany changed it's laws whatsoever because now I am not allowed to listen to my online radio station or even add more songs to it. I get this big flashing signs... not allowed in your home country. Now how do I change my IP address so I could say I come from anywhere but here.. I'm sure there is a trick to that.


Kayni said...

Have you ever tried All you need is sign up for it and it's free. Try it, and I'm hoping it works.

Toni said...

Thanks Kayni - but Pandora is one of those that doesn't allow me to because of my German IP address.