Saturday, November 28

Back to good old blogger

In line with the catastrophe that hit my blog, see post below. I need to change my layout again. I thought I found a beautiful layout but unfortunately some good things don"t really last. If you would know of a place where I would greatly appreaciate it. However I am not good with making my own and changing those html codes so something really simple where I just upload the new skin would be perfect. Thanks in advance.I could find some new blog skins without photobucket hosting it.

I don't even have an account there but just the host of the  template. In the meantime I'm going back to good old blogger. 

I am at the moment at my cousin's place. She lives in an American base here in Germany and I think I have eaten turkey to last me a lifetime! We've been eating and eating and of course shopping - well more like they have been shopping not us. It seems it's been an American tradition to shop the Friday after Thanksgiving which is called Black Friday. Some of the prices of some electronics were so cheap it's almost only a third or a fourth of the price outside the base. However, we don't really need a flat screen television (we still have the old, box looking  television) or a new laptop, desktop and a netbook, and not a blue ray player (especially with out super old tv) or any nintendo player.

Well, that's just about it for now. We are still staying  here another 2 days - tomorrow before we go home I will be doing my grocery shopping and buy me lots of unhealthy American junk foods - yum, yum!


Gattina said...

I have my black Friday behind me, I bought everything. Anyway when I see something nice during the year I buy it already so I don't need to do special Christmas shopping, because anyway, then I never find something.
Here is an easy template address for Blogger blogs :
There are also others, just type in Google : Blogger templates.

Layrayski said...

hi toni, even though you didnt shop were you able to observe the shopping mania that i hear happens every black friday? i am really getting out of touch with my blog list. i didnt even know you went to the states.

i only use blogger template so i havent experienced getting messed up skins before.

Anonymous said...

hi friend.. nice to see that your blog has recovered.. I am not sure if you will be able to get this comment though, as my past attempts had always failed.. Hope you had a nice time shopping and eating your heart out. take care my friend. God bless

Kayni said...

I did shop on Black Friday here. It's as crazy as ever, but I was able to get really good deals.