Tuesday, November 24

What's wrong with photobucket?

I just checked this blog a few minutes ago and it had this huge banners all over it saying: update to photobucket pro today all over it.. now it's gone...all of a sudden. (whew what a reflief!)..

I hope it doesn't come back again.. I love this new template very much otherwise I have to go back to blogger's template which really has not so much choices..

Well wish me luck that this template stays clean of that wicked photobucket banner splattered all over my beautiful blog!!!!

Wish you all a happy weekend! Well I know it's still Tuesday on the way to Wednesday but as I have mentioned a few posts ago, this will be a long weekend for me. It's the second part of our fall break which of course coincides with Thanksgiving. Have fun everyone.


kg said...

looks like a virus! wag naman sana. i'm also a member of photobucket, so i hope this doesn't happen to me.

Gattina said...

Your blog looks absolutely messy, I can't even read what you have written there is "upgrade to Pro today" everywhere. I also used Photobucket photo storage until they wanted me to pay so I choose Google Picasa because it's cheaper only 20 $ per year.
But I still used the Photobucket backgrounds, but that also doesn't work anymore, I noticed that in Egypt when my cat blog was full of "upgrade to pro" and my background was gone ! Now I use
http://www.wonderbackgrounds.com/ and this works.

Toni said...

kg - hi there, well i am not a member of photobucket but the host of the template. so there.. well goodluck but just be ready if there is really a limit to photobucket's free services. this could happen

gattina - thanks for tip but i don't know how to tinker with my blog skin through the pictures, i normally just upload the whole html code