Wednesday, November 18


I had a chat with my boss the other day regarding my supposed to be pay raise for doing this new work I do with the little ones.. She said it's not happening this year, I thought she meant year 2009, but then she said no, she meant defintitely no pay increase for school year 2009-2010 and we'll see what the next schoolyear brings us. So that means not until when?

I know, I know, with budget cuts and lay-off nowadays, we should be happy with what we are getting. I am thankful for my job. However, the only thing I don't understand was:  why she lied to me that she would give me and my colleague a new salary package when she told us that she and  the board  decided to add more children in my class than planned till end of the year (3 more) and give me another assistant.

It's probably just to calm me down with the extra work of having more children. Well what can I say? Nothing. I did my best. I said all the arguements I could think of. At the moment I really cannot do much, just be thankful for a job, carry on and study more. At the end of this , I really learned not to trust my boss especially after  after doing all that hard work setting up a new class and a new curriculum.

So I need to count my blessings, I really get on well with my colleague. The other one I am still training and she is already giving me the headache but at least it's better than not getting anyone and still getting more work.


Kayni said...

I'm so sorry. The tough part is the lie, but on the other side of the coin, you are right, you're still working. When things get tough at work, that's one thought that motivates me - that I still have a job. I'm really hoping that things will improve soon. I hope that they'll give you raise SOON.

kg said...

it's hard to have a boss like that! i
d rather have one who's truthful and to the point.

alam mo, we're in the same line of thiking. while others in our company keep on complaining, i'm just happy to have a job [a good one at that] in these trying times! such a blessing! :)

Vlado&Toni said...

kayni - will update if ever that raise will ever come..haha-given up on that!

kg - yup just be happy to have a job, let's count our blessings ;)

Layrayski said...

i'm sorry youre not getting the pay increase you were promised. that was a dirty trick, but oh well. you are right. we are still blessed. take care toni!