Monday, November 16

Just saying hello

Just talking to a friend a while ago and realised that in 2 weeks it's December. Time flies indeed....

We still don't have definite plans for Christmas and New Year's, but one thing is for sure we will stay here in Germany. Just don't know if we'll  go to friends or if our friends will come here and join for one of those holidays.. Nevertheless I am looking forward to the 3 week holiday - hurray!

And speaking of holidays next week, we have a long weekend. Since I work in an international school, we also celebrate the American Thanksgiving. So it's Thursday and Friday off for me and we plan to visit my cousin and her husband who lives in an American base down South. So looking forward to visiting some family and enjoying the weekend which would probably mean a lot of eating and turkey.

To brighten this gloomy, gray November days I decided to post some pictures of flowers we had in our garden last summer.Aren't they beautiful?

Hope to see them bloom again next year. We planted some of them from seeds and they turned out really well.

Well that's it for now and see you in my next post. Have a great week everyone.

These flowers are called sneezeweed, aren't they pretty? The bees love them. Kayni a blog friend, asked about it so some of you may want to know it as well.

Well that's it for now and see you in my next post. Have a great week everyone


Kayni said...

Toni, What's the name of that flower before the Sunflower? I love the colors. You're so lucky you get such a long break during the holidays. I think I'll switch to

Toni said...

Hi Kayni - i have to check the name of the flower, i think i have the package somewhere. Well lots of holidays really but not much money ;(... well it could be worse so it's fine ;)

kg said...

i love your pictures of flowers toni, especially the last two! My favorite flower is sunflower...what a great way to start the day!!! :)

lilaybulilay said...

Toni, id like to have that pretty flower in our garden next summer,need to know the name also =) tenchu!!!

Toni said...

kg - happy to know I could brighten your day through my flowers..

lilay - sonnenbraut in german ang name-. hey what's up? not blogging na ba? i always check your blog pero no news.. keep in touch :) how's lara?