Tuesday, December 22

Christmas gifts

My Christmas break started yesterday, that means I have a 3 week off from school :) I am so happy about this - this means I could eat, sleep, and wake up when I want to. Although there are some things to do - like finish 2 essays and submit it on 4th of January, spend Christmas with dear cousin in Bavaria and have some friends over the New Year's who would stay with us for 3 days. Busy calendar indeed, on top of these things, I plan to meet up with a friend, colleagues and ex colleagues too... so you see it is neverthless a busy 3 week break for me. I really want to finish my essays before all these things but I just don't have the motivation and concentration for it. We could have had a free month and need not do all these academic things.. oh well...

Anyway, being a teacher, you always get some little presents at the end of the school year or during Christmas (if parents are really generous and thoughtful) . some kids would give you something they made out of their tiny hands, some would give something really, really nice:like a voucher for a nearby perfmerie (only happened twice in my teacher-life!), cash (also only happened twice in my teacher- life) and some give  normal things like a box of chocolates, flowers, soaps  and  in most times candles!I have a big plastic case filled with candles, different sorts, sizes and scents that I should blog about next time to show you.

It's not that I really want to get presents but I would really like to see some appreciation from the parents. Even a wonderful written card (which I got from one parent, I was so touched I cried in front of her) would be fine with me. This year I got one of the most weird, thoughtless present ever - to think that I take care of this family's twins (2 amazingly active toddlers) believe me I am not really asking for gifts but a little thank you  from the heart would have been much nicer! Instead this - the photo makes it big but it it just very small, the size of a little cookie. Well, it is really a cookie with some icing on it. My colleague got a little santa and the boys wanted to eat it too so she gave it back to them. Me I wanted to keep it as a souvenir. To remind me about some people who are so thoughtless and not to be like them!

Well in the end I had my usual set of gifts, some candles, mugs, chocolates galore, soaps galore, a bottle of sparkling wine and soaps galore again!


imom said...

I understand you. While it's true that it's the thought that counts, sometimes it's obvious when gifts are not thought of. Yung bang para may maibigay na lang.
Anyway, madami ka namang sabon. So just bathe the badtripness away. Hehehe.

Merry Christmas to you and Vlado!

Toni said...

hi imom - aliw ka chats.. oo nga naman, at least I can meet the new year feeling clean and fresh! i have honey soap, musky soap, angel soap, fruity soap and last but not the least a rose soap. oh and some of them come with a cream so double freshness indeed!

Kayni said...

i absolutely understand how you feel, and i agree that a simple thank you card would have suffice. wow you have a lot of presents there. so far, i only got one =(.

kg said...

i remember our teachers during my school days, especially during grade school, they would take home boxes of gifts after our christmas party. i remember thinking then, "i want to be a teacher because of all the gifts!" he! he!

don't worry toni, even indirectly, parents appreciate the efforts of teachers like you. :)

Gattina said...

Some people are really I don't know what expression to use ! My son's first "teacher" in Kindergarten became our friend, and we often spent suppers together, still today she remembers him, although we lost a little the contact as she divorced and then moved away.