Monday, January 25


Germans are known to be exact and precise - at least that is one stereotype about them. But one fascinating thing about the Germans is the German language. It is also very exact! One word when translated would be a sentence or a whole phrase. Such is Fernweh, the feeling inside when you are at home and have this longing and yearning to be somewhere far away - exactly the opposite of homesick.

That's what I have now, Fernweh - I long to be somewhere warm, somewhere far, somewhere busy, somewhere hectic, somewhere blue but not quiet and white, sitting here I see our street, white with snow and empty of life.


Gattina said...

I don't see my street white I see it wet ! and I too suffer Fernweh with palm trees, blue sky, blue sea and warm weather ! sigh !!
Still 2 month to wait and it will be better. Visit blogs from Australia, they have 40° that warms you up, lol !

Kayni said...

i feel that way these days. it's been raining here since yesterday, and i do wish to be in puerto rico already. this wintery wet weather is starting to get old.

Doris said...

you are always welcome to visit ! .. i need company these days :)

sueisfine said...

hi toni,

"white with snow and empty of life"
wow...sounds extreme. guess that's why people tend to hibernate during wintertime.

i also am in desperate need to get away for a holiday, somewhere in a nice beach resort with a luxurious spa!! lol..

greetings for vlado too :)

Toni said...

Gattina - I'm sure you will be in one of your trips soon so not a long time till you see a palm tree.. was it Morocco, your next destination?

Kayni - wow Puerto Rico :) the sun, sea and food! all best, i envy you..

Sue - believe me I am one of those hibernating people.. we have not really been out a long time.. just work then straight home. don't want to be stucked somewhere with the snow. a resort and a spa sounds so nice ... i need a massage now but with real sound from the waves.. not from a cd *wink*

Toni said...

Doris - yes, indeed, i hope to go down under sometime in the future.. have to save lots of money though for the airfare.. so expensive! hey,i have another idea why don't you be the one to come to Europe. That will keep your mind off things and would be a nice treat. I am sure you have some other friends in Europe as well so you can do a real great European adventure.. cmon... think about it.. you can come in the summer.. when it's all wintry there..

Anonymous said...

girl, naiiyak akong bisitahin itong blog mo. fernweh! heimweh! waaaa. just browsing and seeing the pictures... sigh.