Monday, February 1

Fun Saturday

Snow is still here and it really wants to stay it seems.. this is the longest winter ever it seems! Anyway, at least there are some nice things going on despite the snow.

Just this weekend, I went to the Paperworld Fair in Frankfurt. Lots of things to see out there but I am there basically to join some of the activities they do. So many beautiful paper to touch and see but not to buy unfortunately, not unless you are a wholesaler and you can buy in bulk. But for normal customers like me - nothing. It was amazing to see how cheap some of the prices are and when you buy them in the store - they'll be like 3x or 4x the price! My goodness.

Anyway, here are some beautiful things at the Paperworld - unfortunately, I am not allowed to take some of the most beautiful pictures, you know, trade secrets of whatever. This is the first activity I joined in and came up with such a beautiful work of art (haha!) well it was fun anyway...

I really wanted to do some jewelry making and yes finally I found it ... it was really hard. I am so proud of myself. I almost gave up but my friendly neighbors encouraged me. So nice to meet complete strangers who lend a helping hand :) even if it was just about tying a knot.
I did one more jewelry making, it was not as special as that one, a craft with  a small penguin and that was it. All these things take a long time believe me - so many things to do really. Here I did manage to take a photo on one of the paper displays.. It was such a fun Saturday, hope to come again next year :) - that is if Iwill get a ticket.


Kayni said...

paperworld sounds like my kind of place. i love cute papers =).

we just had another five inches of snow, and we're expecting more tomorrow and the weekend...sigh.

Gattina said...

I never did that. Must be fun to try once !

kg said...

oh my! that looks fun! i would run amok in a paper store! sometimes, i buy paper, cards, or notebooks that i don't use. ang ganda kasi para gamitin eh! :)

Toni said...

Kayni - hi there, how's the snow around your corner.. well we had 2 snow days last week so i think that's it now .. well i wish..

Gattina - oh you would love the paper world Gattina, they have lots of things for artists as well

Kg - you'll get crazy looking at all those beautiful paper.. they are a feast to the eyes..