Saturday, January 16

Scare in the village

Just last Tuesday while having some coffee with some friends of mine. We heard lots of sirens and then the house was literally vibratiing, it's as if a snowstorm suddenly is on top of my street and the neighbors were all looking up the sky.

We realised this was a helicopter hovering on top of the house. Still unaware of what's happening, we carried on with our coffee and chit chat. After about an hour, my friend's son who works for the paramedics called and told her he could not pick her up as planned. There was a murder in the castle grounds and they were securing the area.. etc. etc.

This park is just across my street! I always walk through it whenever I go to the city, I always tell The V. to walk through it whenever, even sometimes when it's already dark. Our little village seem to be the safest place ever, until this thing happened! The person who was murdered was an old woman about 78, killed by a 24 year old man, who according to news is not psychologically fit. The authorities caught him but still they do not know if the man knew the old woman or she just became his victim.

Such a beautiful park, now I do not know if I could walk there again feeling safe.


Kayni said...

that is scary. i'd still walk around the park though, but just be extra careful. i mean, crimes happen everywhere, so be careful at all times and anywhere you go. but i do understand the fear, i felt the same thing when a woman was raped in the same park i usually frequent. i still go to the park, but not at night time anymore.

kg said...

oohhh, that is scary! i can't imagine if that also happened in our usually secure village! imagine the fear.

i hope the park gets extra security so that people would till go there. sayang naman if the park gets "abandoned."

Gattina said...

Sounds as if you were involved in a "Der Alte" film ! That must be terrible to live this in reality ! I once saw when they arrested a guy in Düsseldorf and I thought it looks completely different in reality then in a movie !
Here a couple was murdered, and the guy who did it was a teacher and now they found out that he probably is a serial killer he has already admitted 5 murders of young women ! and he looks soooo normal !

Vlado&Toni said...

Kayni - wow, that's also very scary.. but you are right. those things can happen anywhere..

kg - yup they plan to have more law enforcers in the park and it really is a big one, with a castle , orchard and all. i think the authorities just took it for granted considering the place is safe and all but the guy is a crazy one so .. there you go

Gattina - yup that was really a scare, now it does not sound so safe at all here.. :(

Anonymous said...

that is scary! but i'm glad nothing bad happened to you. it's like a scene out of a movie!

fortuitous faery said...

what a sad fate that old lady suffered! it will probably take a while until it feels like the way it was before that tragedy happened. be safe!