Sunday, January 10

Back to school

Today is the last day of my Christmas break and school starts again for the little ones tomorrow. The last 3 weeks has been good, was able to meet up with friends and even family. Also was able to submit an essay in between :) whew! It would be really difficult to get up tomorrow for work!  I did try my best to do some work beforehand and organize the classroom so when the kids come back tomorrow - they will be happy to see the classroom with a different set-up.

Oh and remember I spoke about my so called salary increase that did not happen? Well the boss is kind enough to tell me that she would give me some sort of bonus, it's 70% of my salary and comes after tax! Not 70% and then with tax which would in the end turn out like 40% for the government and 30% for me. So that is good news really. Salary increase might come next school year?? Well who really knows??? I really did not expect this after all of that drama.

Anway, I wish you all a wonderful start to your new week.


kg said...

yay for the bonus! what a blessing!

i can still remember how i used to dread going back to school after the holidays when i was a student! come to think of it, i still dread going back to work after the holidays! he! he!

Gattina said...

Congratulations to the bonus or salary increase, I didn't quite understand your calculations with 70% and then 40 and it remains 30 %, lol ! but I have always been a catastrophe with numbers.
Whatever it is or was, it's always welcome !

Kayni said...

Bonus sounds good =). I hope the first day of school went well. I'm hoping to get an increase soon. It would be nice to have something extra.

Vlado&Toni said...

kg - yes indeed! happy about it :)

Gattina - thanks .. haha, the calculations confused.. anyway, simply put, government will take more money, 60% of whatever i get

kayni - goodluck with the increase, hope your boss is good and will give it to you.. it's also good to have it now that you have your own home :) and might need some renovation done..

fortuitous faery said...

a blessed new year to you both and thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

jehan said...

happy new year!

it's good to hear you both somehow compromised... that's one thing my boss lacked. i was hired for the smaller english academy branch but they asked me to go to their bigger branch and just handed me "cash" to cover for my extra expenses back and forth.

i'm not saying i'm special. but i think i deserve more than just being handed "cash" haha...