Friday, March 19


Did you ever have on those days that you think the world is against you and yet you have a trillion things to do and then in the end you mess it all up unknowingly with just one of those littlest of things you did that just exploded??? I feel that way today - crap.. I don't know how I will get on through  tomorrow with this big weight on my shoulder.. The big bang hopefully will not come.. through this blog entry I hope to fight against the universe and call on my God to help me out. Peace! God help me.


Golden said...

Just pray sis. I hope everything will turn out to be okay for you.

Lots of love,

kg said...

wow toni! mukhang malaki yan ha! i hope that there would be no "big bangs", as you have said.

will lift a prayer for you. :)

Kayni said...

I've been there. Actually, I'm This Monday was horrible at work, and it's like a chain reaction. I hope all will turn out well. Best wishes!

lala said...

text me what happened. thanks.