Wednesday, March 24


Thank you for your kind comments regarding my big bang issue! I am so relieved that nothing ever serious happened about it. Once again I am reminded of how much of  a responsibility I carry in my job.  I thought all my hard work would go into thin air but this time  I was able to breeze through the situation (prayers do work and some people are still logical and kind). So there you go - back to normal routine. Nevertheless it is a wake up call for me to always be on top of things and to never think that it is an easy job taking care of young children.

Also Easter is fast approaching and what better way to spend the Easter holidays than be with family :) Yes! I am going to visit my family in the Philippines - this is such a sudden decision, unplanned and all but I am taking the opportunity because I really don't know when I would have time again. Just 2 weeks and that's it - short and sweet.


Kayni said...

I'm also relieved to hear all is well. Good intentions always prevail. I'm glad to hear you're going home. Please bring some Even if it's just a jar of lengua de gato or pastillas.

kg said...

thank God about you breezing through your "problem." yes, dealing with children always entail a certain amount of responsibility, especially if the children are not yours.

anyway, on a good note, yay for your upcoming vacation here! nothing beats being on a holiday with family! :)

lilay said...

thats good to hear,everythin is back to normal inggit ako sa pinas visit, pasalubong!!!!

Vlado&Toni said...

Thanks friends :)

Kayni - ok, i'll be eating lots of yummie goodies for you like let's say - good shepherd's ube, romana's peanut brittle and some good old baguio longanisa ;) yummy!

kg -yes, my family is so excited, my mom is so confused now, because she has some visitors coming.. even to the pinoys who don't normally plan, my vacation is so out of the blue

lilay.. sorry i forgot to give you the address of the fish vendor/imbiss in frankfurt , Münchener Straße 35, Frankfurt, beside it is the fish store.. have fun!