Saturday, April 17

Back in Deutschland!

I'm back in Germany since Tuesday, from the airport, straight to work. I have been very tired in the evenings and is already in dreamland at past 8 pm, the latest 9pm. It's jetlag and probably being tired the whole 2 weeks I was out. There was never a day of 8 hours sleep except on my last day, where I really decided not to do anything anymore and not meet up with friends. In the end I only spent time with family and my best friend and her family. I have gotten some messages from friends but it was too late anyway to see them.

After being in the Philippines surrounded with lots of people, I feel life here in Germany is so empty of people, not just of friends or family but even looking outside or being outside - there seem to be a shortage of strangers.

It has been a great two week holiday, I hope (and wish) to go again this year, when everything else works well :) So good to see good old Baguio, my hometown even if it is so crowded nowadays and so hot! Not the coolest city in the Philippines I am sure of that! And it is indeed a blessing to see old familiar faces, my family, cousins and friends.


kg said...

welcome back toni! :)

it;s nice that you have had a vacation. ako, i badly need one!

Kayni said...

sounds like you had great trip. if i'd go for a visit, two weeks are not enough. can't wait to hear more about it.