Saturday, April 24

My favourite things

Being in the Philippines for just mere 13 days was not enough to see, eat and do everything I wanted to do. Nevertheless, I tried and did the best I can to eat some of my favourite seafood, visit my favourite market of all (Baguio), swim in the ocean (even if it was not white sand), watch a sunset along the bay of Manila, eat halo halo, eat mangoes and of course spend some time with family and a few special friends (special because I could only meet 1 or two in this short span of time).

Here are some pics highlighting my stay at the beach on our arrival.

The Ocean Park with my mom, sisters, nieces (4 already!) and a nephew.

My brother's birthday with the whole family :) lucky me to be there on my brother's special birthday.

Just having a photo session  with my dear nieces and my only nephew in Baguio Sunshine Park.

No matter how busy and hectic this schedule was first agenda to see my dearest bestfriend and her family of course :) Here's her daughter Arianne, who is such a grown up girl now. They picked me up at the airport :) so nice of them despite the hectic schedule.

And of course with my dear mom and stepfather

More to come next time :)


lilay said...

love the pictures, loooove Baguio!!!welcome back Toni =)

kg said...

i loved your pics toni! i love looking at others' pictures! he he!

looks like you had a very busy vacation! and toni, you look like your mom! :)

fortuitous faery said...

sometimes it's how you spend what vacation time you have in your hands that matters most. looks like that was the case in your 13 days in the philippines.

it's going to be my turn next weekend to fly to the motherland--but i have so much more time to spend there than you: almost 6 weeks! :) i'll be there to witness some election entertainment. should be interesting!

Kayni said...

great pics. i'm so envious you got to go home. more pics pls.