Sunday, July 4

Summer 2010

The V. and I have been enjoying the warm sunny weather and the world cup as well. Finally, summer is here -- now if it only it would rain a bit especially during the evening to water all the plants ;)

We celebrated The V.'s birthday a few weeks ago -  I have forgotten to document the pictures but here are some highlights of that day :) We did not really do so much because I was all stressed with my essay which took forever to finish! That was the longest one. I told The V next year we will definitely have a party! Anyway, we tried out a new restaurant in Frankfurt called Garibaldi which was really good - excellent food and service.

We had a wonderful dinner, some antipasti for appetizers, The V had lamb and I had shrimps my favourite food ever - ever! There was even some sort of entertainment, here the Pizza guy came out and did some dancing with his pizza dough, he was really great and impressed some blond girls of course ;)

Vlado's lamb
My shrimps

See how happy I was :)

The V. satisfied with the wonderful meal :)

I have submitted my last essay and would be awaiting the result of it, afterwards I can sign up for the exams end of August.  This the second part of my studies and afterwards I will have a break then will start to work on my diploma 2011. Whew! So the next step for me is to prepare for my upcoming exams. Wish me all the best! But before that I have to work another week of summer school - it is normally fun and not much teaching just taking care of about 20 kids, keep them busy, happy and safe of course.

Then we're off to Bulgaria - yay! Looking forward to see family and gain 3 more kilos, haha! We still don't have plans aside from being there to celebrate my mother in law's 70th birthday and maybe visit 1 or 2 towns. We'll be there for a week only but we are happy to go anyway.


kg said...

wow! what a sumptuous meal! i lvoe shrimp too toni! belated happy birthday to your hubby! :)

kayni said...

happy birthday to the V! the food looks yummy :). shrimp is going to be expensive this summer due to the BP spill, and i don't think i'll be eating shrimp for a while :(.