Wednesday, July 28

Summer 2010 part 2

Whew! Managed to have a post before the end of July. Yay, at least one post per month, much better than nothing.

The last few days of July, the calm before the storm it is - no more summer at least for the next year. Then back to work. The month of August brings butterflies to my stomach - I have the  biggest exam ahead of me and up to now, with barely 2 and half weeks, I need to have covered all the scope of my notes. Wish me all the best indeed! Aside from that lots of prepartion for my classroom and seing my colleagues again who knows where the wind blows (meaning the latest intrigues and all the blahs with it).

The V. and I are back from our holiday in Bulgaria. It was wonderful, short but really worth it. We spent time with the family and did just a little bit of travelling.It was really hot - I mean sweltering hot. What I did this time is to buy me and The V and electric fan! Tatko, The V's dad was not impressed at all and was so worried we will get sick. True to his predictions The V was sick for an evening with a 38.7 fever C.. according to Tatko's aged old wisdom .. The V. sat in front of the airconditioner's ventillation.. hmmm... The real reason for this is probably The V's allergic reactions.

On one evening, we decided to go out and have a drink. Before we went out, I got a whole sermon of how I should be wary of pickpocketeers, snatchers, and what have you's from Majka, The V's mom.I regarded the talk as silly but the whole of the evening, I clung to my yellow bag as if it contained the bank reserves of European central bank and got suspicious of anybody coming/seating  near me.

Aaahh. Such it is when suddenly you are surrounded wtih family giving you unsolicited advices, overfeeding you with wonderful food and taking care of you like you are a baby child once more. And now back home - back to reality. Work, chores, and other mundane things in life.


kayni said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation. I love the sunflowers. My sunflowers here are blooming too. I'm sure you two are refreshed from your holidays and ready to take on the work world again. Good to hear from you. By the way, when you got the chance, do check my PEBA entry and vote when you have the chance.

kg said...

i love the sunflower shot! that's my favorite flower! nice to know you were able to relax.

about that pickpocket thing, i remember when my sister and i were in paris, and people were telling us the same thing. my sister was overly cautious to the point that all she would think about was her bag. i told her to relax or else she would not enjoy the trip. be cautious but not paranoid.

Toni said...

hi kayni - yes i checked that entry of yours a few days ago but glad you are nominated now :) did my voting already..yup had to be back in the work mode although my days are more spent with studying nowadays, 2 more weeks before real work

kg - sunflowers are really beautiful flowers, it's so amazing to see them as far as the eye can see.. too bad i don't have a great camera to show it
- yes at least me and your sis were just victims of paranoid ideas and not the real one..