Thursday, September 2

After Exam Anxiety and London

It's been almost a week since I came back from my exam - last week during this time I was writing the answers to those nerve wracking questions - my goodness! They were quite difficult and I did not have enough time to organize my thoughts - at the moment I am actually praying for some sort of miracle to pass the exams. The first was ok - there were still things I have forgotten to write but at least I knew what to write. The second was totally confusing and much more difficult. But oh well - let me throw that worry away. I have prayed and asked all my friends to pray for me as well in the meantime I would be sitting here, waiting for the results till end of September.

The good thing about the exam was - after it I had a chance to spend some time with my friend and finally see a bit of London - at least the main tourist attractions. I did not go to any museums, church, palace as I only have an afternoon. I did have some typical English lunch, afternoon tea and Indian curry ;O)

Here are some pictures my dear friend took. She has a super camera so I just let her do the picture taking.Behind us the famous millenium wheel - did you know this was supposed to be only for the year 2000 (that's why millenium) but it was such a big tourist hit that the city decided to keep it :) you can have a great view on top but I did not dare this time. Maybe next time? London is so near I hope to go back again (but no exams please!).

The Big Ben, our dear friend and former Pastor gave us a tour of London. He lives there now. It was nice to go around the city with a local - who needs a Lonely Planet guide book?

My friend and I on the millenium bridge, behind us St. Paul's Cathedral.
And of course the Buckingham Palace -

It was really a quick tour but we all had so much fun. The sun was also shining - unbelievable because it has been raining the whole time I was there.


kayni said...

it's refreshing to see London. i, too, want to go back again. it's a 5 hour flight from DC, so i find the flight not too straining. i'm glad to hear your exams are over. when will you get the results?

Gattina said...

It's so funny to see you at the same places where I have been not even a month ago, lol ! You can see the London eye on my Keyhole pictures tomorrow (Friday) I remember well when it was built my son still lived in London until 2003 and in the beginning it was a big flop ! Apparently now it's better.
Isn't that a wonderful town ? I just love London. I am sure you did well with your exams !

kg said...

inggit ako!!!! i am reading rick steves england, and asa london na ako. i want to go there!!!!

great pics! :)