Sunday, August 22

End of Summer

Time flies indeed - summer is over and life goes on. As a teacher my summer tends to be the highlight of the year - 7 weeks of holiday, no school!  Like a schoolgirl - I also need not wake up early.I could sleep late for a long time until school starts again ;) Nevertheless this is one of the hardest summers for me - I basically have to fight with myself because I have a calendar and an agenda to review for my exam this coming Thursday and Friday. So instead of lazying around and enjoying the wonderful weather - I was sitting in front of my notes. It will be finally over by the end of the week.

No matter how hard I have tried, I think I still wasn't able to accomplish my 100% goal. There was not 100% concentration because really distractions come in so many ways - funny that one of my exams would be all about helping the child to achieve concentration. Somehow, something might have gotten wrong during my childhood! I just hope and pray that I will be able to pass this exam! Seriously, I think if I have studied this hard while I was in high school and college - I could have ended really academically well ;) But then I would not have had all that fun! So not regretting any of it ;)

I fly on Wednesday to London - this city only gives me butterflies in my stomach! Maybe this time I will get the chance to see the London Bridge ;) as you know I was there last Summer for whole 17 days and did not see a glimpse of it! Wish me well - Thursday and Friday!


Gattina said...

Now I read through all your posts and apparently you had a good time all this summer ! As long as I know you now you study !! You will become a second Einstein. I remember last year your London time where you just have seen nothing or almost ! Of course you will make it,who needs 100 % ?? I prefer friendly warmhearted people who only got 50 % in their exam but are wonderful in practical life then a genius with 100 % but two left hands and a stone heart ! Anyway ich drücke die Daumen !!
London for the moment is an enormous construction site, even besides poor Big Ben everything is hidden and they dig holes and holes on all streets ! I spent there the whole day last Wednesday,it was nice, I still love to smell the London air and see all these people rushing around !

kg said...

aaawww...i know how it felt for summer to end...but that was years ago, when i was still a student. ngayon kasi walang summer summer eh! he he!

enjoy london! inggit ako!

kayni said...

oh i'm sure you'll do well. good luck and you have my prayers :)

Vlado&Toni said...

Gattina - yes, you are right, since you know me I have been studying ;( i hope it will really end soon ...thanks for the wonderful wishes ;)

Kg - well as if it's something nice going to London ;( .. it will be a stressful time although i must admit, i am looking forward to the weekend part when i could do something wth my friend

Kayni - thanks for the fate in me :) and thanks for the prayers too.