Tuesday, September 14

Is Facebook overtaking the blog world?

I have been looking at my blog statistics and really it seems it is going downhill from here :(  - even my regular visitors who don't leave comments - yes I know who you are ;) are not even dropping by. Well maybe it is my fault because I really have not been posting regularly as always and there hasn't been much of an interesting post. I do see lots of visits on my facebook wall and pictures so I was thinking? Is facebook overtaking the blog world - not just my blog but the entire blog world itself?

What do you think?


kayni said...

I hope not. I still prefer blogging. Although when I'm not blogging, I'm hanging out at facebook more. I have observed too that I'm getting less visits on my blog. Must be a seasonal thing :).

Thank you for the get well wish. I'm much better now. Hopefully, I'll get rid of this cough in a few days.

kg said...

with all honesty, i think facebook has overtaken blogging! but i still don;t have an account! :)

like kayni, i prefer blogging.

Vlado&Toni said...

@Kayni - well i hope so too that this is just a trend ;) I think I have to start blogging more too - i have really neglected this blog a bit so i deserve it ;(

@Kg - you're good ;) it also took me some time to finally get a facebook account. i wanted it originally for my friends and relatives far away and in the end i have some friends too i see normally ..oh well..

Layrayski said...

hi toni hehe i have facebook but thats not what kept me busy. anyway i learned to combine blogging and facebook. whatever post i have for the day I linked it at facebook so my friends there can see them :)