Wednesday, September 15

Summer 2010 in my garden

This year's summer turned really faster than most summers - I was quite busy with boring things like studying and the weather drastically changed to autumn somehow in the middle of it. Nevertheless I still did see summer happening in my garden

I was busy again for third time making my red currant and raspberry jams. My little garden was so good to me again even though I really did not do anything unusual.

It's so much fun to harvest them, but cleaning the stems are not that easy!

If you think this is a lot! These were just left overs. But now almost end of September. I only got 3 more jars left! Unbelievable. I never really tasted them until we got invited to a dinner by a friend and realise - wow, they do taste good!

I also planted some sweet peas and amazingly they are really growing and I am still harvesting them till now. They are soooo good. I eat them sometimes just out of the pods when I leave them a bit longer so the peas mature a bit. 

The V. and I had monstruous sunflowers last year ( the pictures got lost sorry) that The V decided to get a package of seeds called mini sunflowers that should grow the tallest about 20 centimeters. So I planted these sunflowers which I thought did not really look like real sunflower. The seeds germinated and I transfered them in the garden, patiently waited for it to grow and realise at the end - wait- these sunflowers are not the same as those  in the packaging. The pictures are entirely different. They turned out to be real sunflowers looking like this

Some weeks later, I saw a little weird looking yellow flower that did seem to look like the one from the package- yup the mini sunflower. From 20 stems of proud looking sunflower - a little weird one sprouts quietly. 

Can you spot the little sunflower that does not look like a sunflower? Sometimes a package of weird looking sunflowers could bring some wonderful surprises.


fortuitous faery said...

Bountiful harvest! Those jams would put a smile on any breakfast morning! I see you have lazy eyed susans apart from the sunflowers. I think I see the odd sunflower you speak of, the one on the lower part of the last photo? It's a mutant! :P

kayni said...

is that really a sunflower? it looks really that's a lot of harvest :). i'm still harvesting from my banana peppers and tomatoes. i'm now waiting for my pumpkins to mature. i think i'd like to try sweet peas next year.

i'd love to taste your raspberry or currant jam someday.

kg said...

toni! favorite ko ang sunflowers! i tried growing one in our backyard years ago (bought from baguio), di kinaya ng powers ko! i love, love them!

Gattina said...

Apparently this year everything grew like mad my grass included ! I had to mow it once a week not to talk about the ivy ! Your sunflowers are beautiful ! I never made jam, because my men don't like it and I am not a fan either.

Doris said...

When will I taste that raspberry & currant jam? I reckon it would go well with scones & cream :)
Oh to be able to have your gardening skills & patience.. Love the sunflowers. Maybe I should plant some this year..

Toni said...

@fortuitous - now i know what those flowers are called ;) thanks - i just planted them so many years ago in a pot when we still lived in a flat and they grow so well i replanted them already in the garden all over

@kayni - hmm banana peppers i don't know what they are - will check your blog to see how they look like, that sounds interesting... yes, you should do sweet peas -- they don't mature at the same time so you will have a continuous harvest

kg - oh try again with your sunflowers -- maybe you just did not get the right seeds? they are very easy to grow. they just need lots of sun :)

Gattina -that's amazing, 2 men and not one of them likes jam? oh yes, i hate ivy and my neighbor has it - it grows over and under their fence to ours :( so hard to get rid of them

Doris - i should try and post you one of those jars but i am scared that the customs might take them away :( i heard australia is rather strict with everything!!!