Saturday, December 18

Christmas Baking

One of the common traditions here in Germany during Christmas is to bake Christmas cookies called "Weihnachtsplätzchen". My friend ( an authentic German) and I decided our own tradition as well and since the last 3 years, we managed to bake some Christmas cookies as well. And I could say every year we are getting better ;)

 Here's Anna looking very serious -- we are doing coconut meringue ..which turned out really the yummiest!!!!

 Anna and me looking really happy...

 This is a new recipe called orange-cardamon cookies, good ;)

 And whole wheat butter spiced cookies with lemon curd good!



kg said...

can i have? he he!

kayni said...

Pahingi...they look yummy.

Gattina said...

Now I am really surprised ! this old tradition still exists ??? I thought it was long gone with working women now, but I have to admit that the German woman concerning work are still far behind the moon ! They still think it's better to stay home and raise children ! When I hear some young German girls talking I think I am back in the 50th ! I have never backed in my whole life, my mother did ! She and her female neighbors, real competitions they did, who baked the best and the most !
Schrecklich ! I was always chased out of the kitchen !