Tuesday, December 21

Christmas Break

It's the first day of my Christmas break and I am so glad I need not go to work .. the streets are covered with lots of snow!!! Snow everywhere...unfortunately, it is the first day of my Christmas holiday and I am sick! I am very patient today and merely stayed in bed and drunk this nasty cough syrup! Yikes!

Anyway, thought I do some experiments at home and decided to do some cooking - in times like this I get a bit creative ;) - maybe it's all that snow giving you a feeling of being stucked somehow.

All snowed-in  and decided to make this meal for The V. and me - yummy.. stuffed Hokkaido baked in oven ;)

and my attempts of making a korean pancake - which turned out really yummy!


kayni said...

i'm hoping we won't get that much snow here. i really hurt my left hand from shoveling snow last year. i'm going home to hawaii for the holidays, so i'm looking forward to some warm weather.

feel better and keep on cooking :)

kg said...

grabe! experiment lang yan? yummm!!!!

i'm dreaming of a white christmas... kelan kaya?

Gattina said...

This Christmas I will remember ! we too were burried in snow and it was a miracle that we made it to Amsterdam ! The snow is still there but it melts now ! Your plates look really yummy !!

lilay said...

toni can i have the recipe of your experimental korean pancake?...miss your blog, take care!!!