Tuesday, January 18


Just back to work and already tired - the winter months really seem to drag..(wish I could go somewhere warm for a holiday)  Can't wait for Spring to come especially I have something to look forward to. The V. and I decided to invite my mom over for Spring and early summer - she could stay up to 12 weeks (visa ). I just hope this would all push through - you'll just never know with all these visa requirements.

Aside from that life is as usual - The V. is happy with his new job and I am doing ok with my classroom. Finally gotten used to working with 3-6's again after a year and half school year with toddlers..Although sometimes they tend to be a bit naughty (and very loud) - this doesn't happen with the toddlers as they are all still innocent.

I am back with studying again - I have to get back to my routine though because I haven't really sat and looked at all my requirements - hopefully it will all be over this summer.


kayni said...

I hope your Mom's visa will be approved. I understand about the visa issues because it's happening to my sister right now...I'm so disappointed.

I'm so tired of winter. This morning's commute to work is so messy...:(.

kg said...

how come visas are so hard to get nowadays? hmmmm...

buti ka toni, you have spring to look forwar to. kami dito, it's either wet or dry! and as of now, it's all wet. it's so weird because it's raining everywhere! bad news indeed! too much rain is not good.

Gattina said...

I too feel tired I don't know what happens this year ! I never have felt like that since I started to blog 5 years ago ! Maybe it's because the winter started so early and then all this snow and rain !
Until when do you want to study ? Until you are getting 100 ?? lol !
What a nice idea to get your mom to visit you ! Hope you won't have too much trouble with all these papers !

Bestfriend said...

Friend, I will just try to leave a comment here and check if you will be able to get it this time.. I am happy to hear that Tita will go there. We will be praying that this pushes thru. Pray that I get to visit my Ate Myrna too... Great that we have something to look forward to this year.. Miss you friend !

Bestfriend said...

Wow, it went thru.. so happy !! ** wink ! wink!.. Hugs to you Friend!

Vlado&Toni said...

@Bestfriend - hey friend, happy that your comment went through.. see told you it's really easy ;)

@Gattina - glad to know I am not the only one having this "tired mode" yup Gattina , will be studying till i get to be 101.. hahaha

@Kayni - is it taking a long time for the visa ? hope it will be approved nevertheless. heard that in the US sometimes you get to be sent back immmediately even after landing at the airport..

@Grace - yup it really is nice to have something to look forward to.. can't wait for spring and summer..

kg said...

toni, i have a new site [the old one's gone]: kumarenggrace.com

please update your links ha, and see you there!