Monday, January 17

New Year Plans

The V. and I enjoyed our Christmas holiday being home most of the two weeks - there were just too much snow and aside from that we upgraded our home entertainment system... After many years of rejecting it - finally we decided to get a new television - and a flat screen at that. Also I got myself a nintendo wii :) to have a bit of an exercise using wii fit - so far so good actually. I really did not gain any extra pounds during the holiday binge.. (i was doing my wii fit exerice almost everyday at 40 minutes)

We spent the holiday with friends who got snowed in on Christmas Eve, they ended up sleeping here. It was so nice that in the morning we all had brunch together - I felt we were almost like family. We played a game, ate a lot and went to chuch even two times!  - traditional midnight mass with a brilliant choir and one from our church in the afternoon.
For New Year's we spent it at our friends' house - they live on the 11th floor overlooking the whole town and even up to Frankfurt! Before that we stuffed ourselves with a make your own sushi dinner. The fireworks lasted until almost 1 am - an hour! That have been lots of money! Thousands and thousands of Euro for sure! We even had breakfast again with our friends - since she's Japanese, it is a tradition to have breakfast together on the 1st day of the year (not sure if this applies to all or just her family). We ended up having breakfast/lunch together again.


kayni said...

Sounds like a nice and relaxing christmas and new year. Mine was also spent with family as well. I miss them already.

kg said...

wow! it's great you spent christmas day with friends! at least you had some company! :)

Vlado&Toni said...

@Kayni - oh so sorry - that's just how i feel whenever I go home to see my family as well ;( too short.. and when you go back to your routine, it's also sad

@Kg - yup, so happy to be able to spend time with friends as well - it was really nice because we all don't have families here (all abroad)

Gattina said...

We had a lot of difficulties to get out of Waterloo on the 24th it was completely snowed in and the roads not cleaned at 1.30 pm ! Finally we made it to Amsterdam without any problem on the highway.
New Year we also had Sushis ! Very good !