Saturday, February 5


It was supposed to be an exciting week at work. I am doing a project with the kids on the different continents and of course I started with Asia - I also got a lot of involvement from the parents. Unfortunately I got sick so was out since Wednesday ... so sad to miss the event and the food!!!... in the end I missed Indian, Chinese and Japanese day.. But had to stay at home - I could not even get out of bed . To make matters worst, I had to go to the doctor's and sit in the most uncomfortable chair for an hour and half with the worst headache and pain from all over! I hate these doctors appointments here - they tell you to come at a certain time but let you wait nevertheless for at least an hour!!!

So that was the start of my February - aside from that I have started the procedure for my Mom's trip - well there are a  lot of things to organize behind it but just gotten started with  getting an approved  inviation from the Aliens Department in our town. I even made a mistake when they asked for our mortgage.. and The V said this might affect the duration of the visa -they will be computing our earnings plus mortgage plus cost of living and costs of  having a guest!  Good thing The V was able to reach the woman who got my papers- Whew - I just hope my mom gets her visa and on time.


kg said...

wow, a feast of asian cuisine! sarap naman nun! too bad nga toni you missed it! :)

kayni said...

Feel better soon. I hope your mom can get her visa too.

Gattina said...

I suppose that meanwhile you are jumping around again !
I had two painters for 2 weeks, what a mess ! now I have to put all the stuff back and clean ! I am on my knees, lol !