Thursday, March 3

Hello World

As always - I have a number of posts in my mind to write about but nothing came out of it - obviously. Spring it seems is finally here - hurra! Just had our February break which was really nice and spent it in Munich - will post some pictures soon! What a beautiful city - I have never seen a city here in Germany with so many tourists in such a slow - non peak season! It's probably the most visited place in this country - on the way to Neuschwanstein - the famous castle where Disneyland is modelled after.

Today was a not so significant day but very touching and interesting with regards to my work - the class I have at the moment (since end of October)  has been handled by almost 4 teachers within a year so you could imagine how  that class is. Nevertheless - despite being seen as the wild bunch in our school - truly love the personalities I have in that class.

One of the kids (girl who has been almost in the class for almost 3 school year) came to me  just out of the blue (we were putting things for our snack  in the oven)

Girl - You know what Mrs. G, you are the best teacher ever!
Me: (trying to look very non-committal but indeed very pleased to this child's comment - sorry I am easy) why do you think so?
Girl - Because you are the only teacher who does so much with us - differnt work, adventures, projects, cooking  - LOTS of things! Mrs. So and so did just this,, Ms. so and so did nothing ......Mrs.....
Me: Thank you very much. I'm glad you're enjoying our class (beaming inside - truly the girl analyzed this and was not just trying to be a teacher's pet -haha!) 

Although I am a Montessori teacher - I try to include different things in my curriculum - things I've learned from the German system or things I remember from my own childhood and things from books of course.  I still have a lot to learn! But this comment really made my day! Not only because of the positive comment but the child can see my effort in bringing in different ways of learning to our class (the girl is by the way only 5 but very smart - already does multiplication and comprehension sheets in reading!)


kg said...

i know that feels so good toni! these compliments, to make us feel that we are doing the right thing, mean so much ano? :)

you MUST really be a great teacher. :)

kayni said...

galing toni :) kids are honest and that's a wonderful compliment.

happy spring. it's still chilly here. i'm itching for real spring weather.

Toni said...

@kg - yup, this really made me feel good - i thought i should not tell my boss but could not help myself and told her this morning .. (",) she was very pleased.

@kayni - this made my week actually .. what a nice ending to it (",)

Gattina said...

The best compliment ever ! I can imagine that inside you purred like a cat !
It's still cold in Belgium in the mornings around 0°when the sun is shining you think you could sit outside but then you risk to become a block of ice.
My weekend with son and family had been a catastrophe, they are such hysterical parents, I had to warm up the soup 4 times, nobody was allowed to speak no TV and all that in my house ! Each time baby made "quack" they picked him up to carry him around with the result that he couldn't sleep and then staying all the time with us in his relax and having to sleep in his pram (he is nearly 70 cm !) because the baby bed was too big, no thanks ! Never again ! Grandma or not. I wait until they get back to normal again !