Sunday, March 13

Munich Part 2

One of the things I love about Munich was shopping and browsing through the little shops around town. The V. found us  a really charming hotel, centrally located and very quiet nevertheless. The name of the hotel is Das Hotel, in case you find yourselves in Munich - just 10 minutes walking distance to Marienplatz or 5 minutes away from the train station.

The room is so big and spacious - It is much bigger than  the first floor of my house (ok I have a small house). The hotel also offers whole day tea and cake- just help yourself. You can bring it in your room or enjoy it in the tea room which is so quaint and sweet. Lots of very good tea selection.
Just a few meters from the hotel, I found this really interesting shop - Apartment Shop Around the World - this is literally shopping around the world. You can imagine a small shop with so many colourful things from all over the world in it!  It took me a lot of ohs and aahhs.. if you are visiting Munich and don't really have to check all the great museums this is a must place to see!
Just click on the pictures to have a more detailed look into the stuff you see.
All those little corners and those little things -. they all have a story to tell and just waiting to be discovered.
Best of all - service is super friendly. The owner was just chatting with the customers - giving them all the time they want to touch everything! Of course we also had a little chat.. wish we have such a shop like this in Frankfurt.
Till next visit----
It seems I just sort of landed in all these nice places without really planning. I wanted to see one of the places in my travel guide when I saw this shop
Spices galore!!! Anything imaginable from all parts of the world.
The good thing about it is you could just take as much as you like as long as it is a minimum of 20 grams. I've cooked some of the spices there this week and they were oh so yummy! Will definitely check this out again - they also have a corner for sweet mixes (drinks, coffee flavouring etc. ) but did not even go to the sweet corner.. so tempting already this part of the shop.

This is the curry corner .. so difficult to choose which to get
Click on this picture to see what different kinds of curry you could find - you have the erotic curry, the sex curry and in between the maharaja wedding curry (",)

This is the salt corner . didn't know salt has so many colours from bright bright red to pink- gray - white and even black!

Of course there were various oils, jams and whatever your heart desires! I could have taken more pictures but the kind saleslady told me not to take so much - I really don't know why because what is the difference between 3 and 10 pictures? Nevertheless she was still friendly so I was happy with what I have. This is definitely a place to go in Munich as well - don't miss it. Beside the spice shop is the chocolate shop! I did not visit that one but judging from this one I think that is also one place to go, Schuhbeck's Spice Store very near Marienplatz (there are actually 2 of them but the bigger one a few blocks  from Marienplatz)


kg said...

toni, that apartment shop around the world will make me go gaga! sa pictures mo pa lang, love ko na sya!

Melissa said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog! Beautiful pictures on your blog!

Gattina said...

Good to know a good hotel address !
I missed your posts because I haven't been on my Google reader, with all this painting work in our house I have less time to blog for the moment !
Apparently you liked Munich. I have never stayed there only driven through. But Mr. G has worked in Munich in 1960, that was yesterday !

kayni said...

Oh i could spend hours in that cute shop. your hotel looks really nice too.

Toni said...

@Kayni - yup you could get lost in the moment in that cute shop, as in! there's a treasure in every corner.

@Kg - aliw no? I really wish we have a shop like that in my corner here.. as in!

@gattina - wish you all the best with your renovation. me too not blogging too much anyway :(

@Melissa - your blog is really inspiring, will be coming there more often :)

fortuitous faery said...

ZOMG....i can easily lose myself in those shops! ooooh the knickknacks and bricabracs! i'd be filling my knapsack in no time! :P