Sunday, March 13

Trip to Munich part 1

I have been once in Munich 10 years ago but that is just a stop over on the way to Italy and to go beer  drinking in Oktoberfest. The experience was fun and memorable but it is something that you don't really need to do again unless you love to drink beer in the company of  hundred/thousands drunken tourists and Germans.

This time I got the chance to see more of the city and it is beautiful - the buildings are all so marvelous and it just have this sort of "big city" flair to it compared to Frankfurt. There were also lots of tourists despite the cold (and wet) February weather. Of course I have to check Marienplatz which is just part of visiting Munich and luckily it's 12 noon so I get to enjoy, see and hear the chimes from the old city hall's clock.

There's a whole show going on because under the clock there is a sort of balcony where you can see figures moving along with the chime. I think this took more than 10 minutes.
This is a zoom and you can see the king and queen with 2 other figures, I think 2 hunters and underneath some dancers.
Now in front of the king and queen some fighters on horses  and at the same time some  soldiers dancing and twirling. All of this accompanied with music from the bells. 


kg said...

hi toni! that first picture reminds me of a building at the grand place in brussels! beautiful!

kayni said...

I hope to see Munich in the future. My trip a few years ago didn't work out. Sounds like you had a great time on this trip. By the way, how far are you from Berlin?

Toni said...

@Kg - yup kg definitely you are so right..maybe they are from the same era or even the same architech..

@kayni - i am very far from berlin i think 600 or more kilometers.. whereas munich is 400 plus.. yup definitely had a wonderful trip, can't wait to go back there again (",)