Friday, April 8

Sunshine weekend and chores galore

The sun has been smiling on us lately and it feels almost as if it's summer! Thank goodness winter is over! Everyone's just hoping now that this good weather stays - really stays till at least the start of Autumn. Anyway, despite the sun-shiny weather we are loaded with lots of chores! And I mean lots! The V is heading the task force to clean the house especially the basement and get rid of all our junk - or basically my junk! Goodness me - I cannot help myself - I am just a collector of all sorts. So while everyone is basking in the sun out there - you know where to find me. On top of that I decided to embark on a new project and that is project garden!

I decided to make a vegetable patch in our small garden and if this is successful - I will make a second one next year. Although very small it is not an easy work to dig and remove the grass on it. Whew! We did not have enough time last week so we will continue with this as well.

Due to this I have to turn down lots of activities - there are weekends when there are just too much invitations, when the weather's good, some people can't just help but have brunches and barbeques. Aside from that I will miss out on my monthly scrapbooking meeting.. oh well at least I have my little patch of earth to unleash my creative energies :)


kg said...

nice to hear you have good weather there! dito toni, the weather is not so summery! makulimlim at some times! well, i'll take that versus the intensely hot summer we had last year!

Gattina said...

It's the same weather here but still very cold in the morning besides mowing the lawn there is not much to do yet at least in our garden. Just discovered you in my Google reader, lol !

Toni said...

@Gattina - people are just so busy here in their gardens and barbeque season opened quite early :O) hopefully sunshine will last till summer - at the rate we are going just scary what summer really will be

@grace - yup, i experienced easter there last year - it was so hot!!! even in Baguio.. so surprised.. never thought that it could be that hot in baguio too--