Tuesday, April 19

Weekend in Amsterdam

Had a chance to go to Amsterdam this weekend for a conference and in between some time to meet up with friends. I am amazed at how friendly people in the Netherlands are.. or maybe I am just a tourist and I just think so.

Luckily we could  stay at a friend's house in Utrecht, not really far from Amsterdam about 25 minutes with an Intercity train.

The conference was really inspiring and really motivating .. however also very frustrating at some point. In one of the lectures it was about the advantages of Montessori schools versus classical schooling. My colleague told the lecturer that she is very aware of the advantages of Montessori teaching but she just could not afford to send her son to a Montessori school because at least it remains to be an elitist school.The lecturer did not know what to say and just said I don't know...The lecturer was a representative to United Nations even... hmmm..
So much fun with C, D and S.. prost!

The one in the middle is my colleague S. and the other one is my friend C. who was  so nice to accomodate us at her lovely place in Utrecht
And here's another dear friend O. who I have not seen the last 5 years???! Goodness to think we are just about 400 kilometers away..hope to see him sooner next time .. count down starts now...


Marjorie said...

Looks like you really had a great time. I'm glad that you and Oliver finally got a chance to see each other again. Puro plano na lang. :)

Toni said...

@Marjorie - yup well said,, puro plano nga lang... it was so nice even for just a short time .. hope to see him sooner next time.. not 5 years after!