Saturday, July 30

Hello Blogworld!

Hi there dear friends! Goodness it has been such a long time that I haven't been able to blog. I was busy with my mom's blog containing her adventures here in Germany and Europe that I just did not have the time to write on my own blog. Anyway, she is back home since almost 2 weeks. Soon I will be able to keep this blog running once again. As for me it is summer holidays and since I am a teacher yes I have a very long summer holiday - well  who knows till when since my school is cutting lots of holidays. So anyway, just enjoying and I have 2 more weeks to do my tasks. I still have some writing to do for my diploma.. I just did not had the chance, the energy and the motivation to finish it while my mom was here. So far so good actually as I have written already 2 papers in one week! My goal is to finish them all till school starts in 2 weeks (ok that's also the last deadline).

At the moment my in-laws are also here, it's their last day actually today. So we've actually had guests continuosly the last 3 and half months. I think this house feels a bit strange with just 2 people in it.

Well that's all for now. Will be posting more soon! See you all and will be definitely visiting your blogs soon.


kg said...

wow! busyng busy ka pala! i know how glad filipinos in other countries are when they have visitors! :)

kayni said...

wow, you sound busy. that might be how my life will be like this fall. i'm going for my masters, so i'm a bit nervous.

i've been reading your mom's travels, and i'm sure you all had a great time.