Friday, August 12

Summer of 2011

Summer of 2011 will be officially over for me this coming Sunday because I am going back to work after 7 weeks of school holidays! Yes, that's  a lot of holidays! But it really went quite fast for me  because I have been up and about as always

The first 3 weeks were with my mom and then my in laws - we travelled to Rome and Paris

The fourth week was with my in laws - stayed at home and did sightseeing around.

The fifth, sixth and seventh week were spent writing my papers again!


Yup that was it - I am so tired of writing.. I am by the way not yet 100 % done - just the important ones that is.

It has been so far a very busy summer - can't wait for the next break .. haha.. work is going to be exciting once again, lots of dramas and intrigues between colleagues and school politics.. what's new!?! just hoping all the kids are safe and happy and the parents happy and thanksful for the job that we do!


kh said...

wow! what a great trip! your pics make me want to jump into a plane and go to europe! mukhang nejoy na enjoy si mommy! :)

kayni said...

sounds like you had a blast. i'm going to grad school this fall semester, so i'm not sure how this will work out in terms of schedule. i'm excited but also anxious.

Gattina said...

I just catched up and scrolled through your and your mom's blog ! you have been very busy and seen a lot ! I was away too, first in Istanbul and then at the English coast and Oxford. I came back last week just before the riots in London started !

raqgold said...

hi toni... you had a full summer! take care.