Monday, November 28

Birthday 2011

I haven't been blogging for the longest time so I thought I should pay this poor blog of mine a visit and document bits and pieces of our lives - my memory is not that dependable anymore and I could rely on my posts here to remind me of the things I did in the past.

Anyway, for this year - my 40th which happened some time in October, a good friend of mine organized a surprise breakfast get together with some friends. What   a lovely idea! I did not do anything on my party and et I got so much present and a free breakfast ;) wonderful friends indeed! 
Here's my dear friend S. who organized the breakfast.

 Some of my guests.
 Here with The V.
 Look at me - that's about 17 years ago - taken before graduation.
 Look at the size of that breakfast! You get a whole tower thing just for yourself. Look how happy my friends were on this picture :)

 Such a lovely gift from A. - paper for scrapbooking!
Purple pillows from my friend 
Me and The V. taken in Worms, we took a little drive to enjoy the crisp autumn afternoon.

 Birthday dinner at one of our favourite tapas place - nothing fancy but still really good.
 Hey, birthday girl!
 Flowers from colleagues
 Beautiful flowers from colleagues

 Again beautiful presents from my birthday breakfast

 Flowers from The V
 I did not get any presents from the V nor did we celebrate this 40th birthday - maybe we would do it in the Philippines or celebrate it another way somehow this year. Nevertheless it was a wonderful day - spent part of it cooking for the homeless as well so that kind of brought something good to it too. Indeed it was a happy birthday!


kayni said...

Great to read from you and belated happy birthday. You're blooming as ever.

Grace de Castro said...

belated happy birthday toni! longer and happier life for you! as they say, life begins at 40! :)

lilay said...

belated happy bday toni,glad that your back and blogging again...