Tuesday, July 5

The General and his Concubine

Don't we look nice? This photo was taken last Summer along the shores of Sozopol, Black Sea, Bulgaria. Vlado and I saw this tiny booth along the promenade and we thought it would be fun. It was not taken in any studio just along the sidewalk, so can you just imagine how we changed into this outfit with all the bloody tourists walking and gawking. My dress was just worn over my tee and sarong and Vlado's costume was just worn over his shorts and tshirt as well.In 5 minutes we looked fabulous and ready to dance cheek to cheek!

1 comment:

marjorie said...

My oh my, Vlado looks very distinguished as a general and you are quite
the concubine (with your legs up I say!!!) With the mustache, Vlado
looks more like a Spanish general than a Bulgarian one.